MediaTek NeuroPilot SDK integrates NVIDIA TAO ToolKit - what does this mean for IoT development?

Jun 12, 2024
Media Tek and NVIDIA 2048 X1075

MediaTek’s NeuroPilot SDK will integrate NVIDIA TAO as part of its edge inference silicon roadmap, allowing developers greater diversity of AI tools when they use MediaTek Genio platforms for a diverse range of IoT application verticals, including smart retail, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, smart cities, and beyond.

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What is MediaTek NeuroPilot?

MediaTek NeuroPilot SDK is a comprehensive software development kit designed to facilitate the development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) applications on devices powered by MediaTek chipsets. It provides tools, libraries, and APIs that enable developers to leverage the AI capabilities of MediaTek NPUs in particular but can also use the high-performance CPUs and GPUs inside MediaTek's highly integrated SoCs.

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NVIDIA TAO (Train, Adapt, and Optimize) is an AI toolkit designed to simplify and accelerate the creation and deployment of AI models. TAO provides a low-code, user-friendly environment that allows developers, even those with limited AI expertise, to train, fine-tune, and optimize AI models for various applications, including computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition. With over 100 ready-to-use pretrained models, NVIDIA TAO unlocks customized vision AI capabilities for a range of solutions and use cases. It automates the process of tuning AI models, and reduces development time and complexity, so developers can get products to market quickly, even if they do not have deep AI expertise.

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