MediaTek Pentonic 800 empowers premium 4KTVs with in-built AI, and cutting-edge tech

Jun 6, 2024
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Continuing to embrace Pentonic’s core principles of powerful TV technologies - AI, audio, broadcasting, connectivity and display - the Pentonic 800 is a new, premium 4KTV SoC that's ideal for wide ranging applications, such as smart TVs for home that are great for entertainment, super-sized 4K gaming monitors, and commercial displays, or other large HDR-enabled TV-like displays, whether LCD or OLED.

Inside this all-in-one chip is a high-performance quad-core CPU, highly capable GPU, and a MediaTek NPU that accelerates AI for a wide range of image enhancement technologies that MediaTek has developed in-house. Unlike other smart TV platforms, the Pentonic 800 includes an all-region demod, plus integrated 4K MEMC engine and TCON to efficiently and accurately handle media frame-rate conversion and timing control, saving material costs and development time for product designers.

As you'd expect, the chip includes the range of cutting-edge audiovisual standards, with global HDR standard support, including the latest Dolby Precision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive, and new Dolby Atmos FlexConnect enabling multi-speaker sound setups that give greater flexibility to be precisely tuned for the room you're in.

AI, of course, is a key feature. MediaTek's 3rd generation AI-Super Resolution provides generational improvements to image upscaling and noise reduction, plus there's also specific enhancements for gaming, so even if your favorite title doesn't support various upscaling technologies in-engine, the Pentonic 800 will still give you stunning 4K visuals. AI-Contrast 2.0 provides real-time SDR-to-HDR conversion, while the latest scene and object recognition technologies provide greater control over picture quality parameters to optimize experiences.

There are several technologies ready to maximize the gaming experience. Product designers can employ superfast VRR 165Hz displays, which means smooth gaming experiences when partnered with compatible consoles or PCs. Of course, you also need HDR, so the chip is ready for content and devices that enable Dolby Vision, and it even provides support for the new HDR10+ Gaming standard.

Connectivity is one of those important technology pillars. Here MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 6/7 options giving excellent wireless speeds with reliable low-latency, as well as Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hybrid coexistence technology that enables seamless use of Wi-Fi along with wireless gamepads, headphones, earbuds and other Bluetooth peripherals.

Our work even extends beyond the chip. See how we've recently worked with award-winning filmmaker, Jimmy Chin, and skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk, discussing how MediaTek technologies can bring these visionaries of vision in films and games into the home.

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