Did you know MediaTek powers Chromebooks?

Did you know MediaTek powers Chromebooks?

Sep 2, 2020 - 8:00 AM - Products

When it comes to being productive on the go, MediaTek has you covered. We power slim and ultra-portable Chromebooks from popular brands like Acer, ASUS and Lenovo, including the 2-in-1 Lenovo IdeaPad Duet that conveniently transforms from a laptop into a tablet.

Our high performance and power-efficient chips maximize performance and battery life so your Chromebook lasts all day and boots up in seconds. MediaTek’s compact platforms also give brands more design freedom to create stylish and lightweight Chromebooks for ultimate portability.

Whether you’re looking for a laptop to work from home, take online classes, chat with friends or just browse the web, MediaTek powers the Chromebook brands you love.

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