MediaTek Research launches the world’s first AI LLM in Traditional Chinese

Apr 28, 2023
Mediatek ai 2

MediaTek’s AI research group has recently released the world's first Large Language Model (LLM) in Traditional Chinese language. The multilingual language model, BLOOM-zh, outperforms its predecessor in most Traditional Chinese benchmarks, while maintaining its English capability.

Starting from released models, the team extended the pre-training of BLOOM by an additional 7.4 billion tokens in Traditional Chinese and English, covering a variety of domains such as news articles, books, encyclopedias, educational materials, as well as spoken language. To show the properties of BLOOM-zh, both existing and newly created benchmark scenarios are used for evaluating the performance. The research was conducted in collaboration with Academia Sinica.

  • For further information, a technical paper is available here >
  • The model is publicly available to use here >

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