MediaTek successfully completes 4G/5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing test with Ericsson

Feb 28, 2020
Mtk Ericsson Sharingtest 022620

MediaTek has successfully completed several rounds of 4G/5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing joint test, together with Ericsson, in their Non-Standalone lab configuration. The joint test demonstrated Dynamic Spectrum Sharing readiness for commercial deployment from both 5G-integrated SoC and network sides, enabling seamless deployment of 5G New Radio services and 5G coverage expansion without having to wait for low band re-farming.

The joint testing covered the end-to-end performance aspects of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technology, including:

  • VoLTE over Dynamic Spectrum Sharing that includes concurrent VoLTE and Data Transfer in respective bands (VoLTE on LTE and Data on LTE+NR)
  • LTE and NR Downlink User Data Transfer with Split Bearer, Uplink User Data Transfer with Split Bearer – performance evaluation for single user and multi-user concurrent testing in the same band/cell
  • Packet Latency testing with Dynamic Spectrum Sharing
  • Optimization of advanced power saving features like Connected Mode Discontinuous Reception (C-DRX) in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing scenarios

Future-proof technologies like Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technology maximize spectrum utilization and offer a more comprehensive coverage layer for 5G in via low-band use. Our successful joint trial with Ericsson ensures smooth interoperability when 5G devices and services are available in markets like those in Europe.

Since 4G LTE services will continue as 5G use grows, a key part enabling the smooth transition is Dynamic Spectrum Sharing technology, which is defined in the 3GPP Release 15 standard. Features such as Dynamic Spectrum Sharing in low bands will also create a base for Voice over New Radio (VoNR) deployment in Standalone 5G.

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