Taking leadership: MediaTek's 5G timeline

Nov 28, 2019
Taking leadership: MediaTek's 5G timeline

MediaTek has taken a comprehensive approach to 5G development where our 5G technologies will ultimately be integrated throughout our broad product range, including smartphones, home and automotive. This includes integration into the SoC, such as our Dimensity 1000, as discrete entities within a platform, such as our Helio M70, or in key partnerships with industry leaders, such as Intel's 5G-enabled laptop platforms from 2021.

We’ve committed over 100 Billion NTD (>3.3Bn USD) in 5G R&D to date and we have a long track record of R&D achievements that have built a rock-solid foundation ready for today's products and those of the future.

With Johan Johansson, Senior Standards Specialist at MediaTek, having been recently elected as Chairman of 3GPP, MediaTek is now more than ever an integral part of this international partnership that governs cellular standards, and we actively contribute to each Release.

See our 5G Progress: Achievements Timeline, Whitepapers & Documents page for more info.

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