MediaTek’s Smartphone APU Shines as AI Comes of Age

May 11, 2018

See the big news for yourself in this exciting video recording the benchmark in action:

Thanks to MediaTek’s landmark Helio P60 chipset, in-smartphone Artificial Intelligence (AI) is really coming of age in high-performance, highly efficient phones. (Not to mention that these new phones are also elegantly stylish and great fun to use!)

This latest benchmarking example proves that MediaTek's AI Processing Unit (APU) for smartphones is significantly better than CPU's or GPU's at AI tasks. Its blazing speed recognizes an astounding 2000+ images per minute all while the APU actually uses 95 percent less power than a CPU at the same task.

What does that mean to you and me? It means App makers have new opportunities to try new things, because APU-enabled smartphones not only speed things up significantly, they give the CPU and GPU more breathing room to do other tasks. The Helio P60 is the first wave of APU-enabled smartphones and takes its place at the forefront of smartphone capabilities. What makes this advance doubly exciting is that it’s so affordable. You’d expect to find this leading-edge technology only in the most expensive, premium phones, but in MediaTek's efforts to democratize technology smartphones using Helio P60 are often much more affordable.

AI brings new meaning to the idea of real time, with intelligent recognition of the environment, along with fast, accurate auto-focus, auto-exposure, and auto-white balance. So you can capture memories and excitement as they happen—along with the people making them happen—accurately and vividly as never before. Plus, everything happens in the smartphone, so you can count on privacy and security.

The Helio P60 APU benefits from other great features too: such as three power-efficient image signal processors powering a potentially very high detail dual camera setup that's capable of capturing incredible detail whatever the lighting conditions.

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