MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 7 demo & the benefits of MLO

Apr 22, 2022

Recently MediaTek has showcased two Wi-Fi 7 demos to key customers and industry collaborators, demonstrating the technology’s super-fast speeds and low latency transmission. MediaTek’s live demos exhibited how its Wi-Fi 7 technology can achieve the maximum speed defined by IEEE 802.11be and its multi-link operation (MLO) technology. Another private demo was showcased during MWC 2022.

There are many core improvements in Wi-Fi 7 that enhance the user experience by handling wireless connections more efficiently.

This greatly increases speeds, allows more effective mesh networks, and provides the very latest interference mitigation techniques to ensure wireless devices are always connected fast and reliably, even in dense network environments.

One of the key features in Wi-Fi 7 to achieve that is MLO.

MLO technology aggregates multiple channels on different frequencies bands at the same time to highlight how network traffic can still flow seamlessly even if there is interference or congestion.

Want to know more? Watch MediaTek’s James Chen explain this new technology or read our latest white paper about Wi-Fi 7.

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