MT6731 and KaiOS power Smart Feature Phones

Feb 26, 2019
MT6731 and KaiOS power Smart Feature Phones

Typically feature-phones use 32-bit chipsets and 3G connectivity, but this market just got a huge shot in the arm thanks to the new MT6731, which brings 64-bit, quad-core performance and dual-4G SIM connectivity to these ultra-affordable-yet-highly useful mobile phones, which are now being dubbed 'smart feature phones'. The new platform offers a highly cost-optimized platform for device makers in both carrier and open markets.

The software-half of the equation is being provided by KaiOS - an emerging OS dedicated to smart feature phones that's being designed to be ultra-light on hardware like memory resources, while still offering a rich, connected experience through apps like the Google Assistant, YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps, and Twitter.

MediaTek and KaiOS are collaborating on both the MT6572 3G platform and the new MT6731 4G platform to bring KaiOS-powered devices to the market in the next few months (Q2 2019).

If you've never heard of KaiOS before prepare to be surprised because it's already shipped on more than 80 million devices in over 100 countries worldwide. The platform uses HTML5 and other open web technologies, and supports 3G and 4G/LTE, as well as Wi-Fi, GPS location and can even use NFC, where available.

Learn more about the MT6731, the collaboration and KaiOS.

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