Advanced HDR in Smart TVs - NAB 2022 Roundtable

Jul 4, 2022
Nab 2022 roundtable

Alfred Chan, Vice President of MediaTek's Smart Home Business Group, joined industry leaders at NAB 2022 for a Media Roundtable along with Sinclair and Phillips, to discuss exciting plans to bring Technicolor SL HDR1 to high-quality sports programming via Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks.

For mass adoption of HDR content to happen, all key stakeholders across the ecosystem - consumer electronics, content creation, production and broadcasting - will have to be aligned and in sync to deliver the rich experiences consumers today are demanding. Among the most critical players in this value chain are the chip manufacturers that provide the underlying components upon which rich immersive experiences can be delivered.

In his discussion, Mr. Chan noted that MediaTek currently sells TV SoCs to 95% of all retail TV brands, such as those sold at stores like Best Buy and Costco, as well as major retailers all around the world. MediaTek SoC's enable all the advanced features consumers look for when making new TV purchases; the company was one of the first to market with 4K, and now it is driving the growing 8K market with TV manufacturing partners.

HDR is rapidly becoming fundamental to the modern TV experience, with premium TVs already capable of various degrees of HDR performance. It has been encouraging to see how the rest of the industry is rising to the challenge of making HDR content ever more widely available through next-generation TVs. Broadcasters like Sinclair Broadcast Group in the United States are now bringing HDR enabled over-the-air content, especially live sports, to consumers, and MediaTek is committed to ensuring that this content is presented correctly on TVs powered by its chips.

During the discussion, Mr. Chan noted that premium smart TV buyers are already aware of HDR and its positive impact on the viewing experience. By working closely with Sinclair and Phillips to implement this new HDR format in MediaTek products, this well-planned, end-to-end implementation is an asset to the broadcast industry, and when viewed on premium smart TVs powered by MediaTek SoC's it can showcase the best results.

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