New Whitepaper: Enhancing uplink performance with data compression techniques

Aug 9, 2018
New Whitepaper: Enhancing uplink performance with data compression techniques

The exponential increase in demand for data connectivity - especially in densely populated areas - can put disproportionate pressure on both down and upload performance.

Peak download speeds have been the focal growth during the 4G LTE era with DL/UL packet space 'typically' around a 3:1 ratio. But as more users become content generators, upload performance is increasingly a key focus. Here, streaming, or photography/video capture backed by automated Cloud-syncing are the most obvious upload-intensive uses; but also, common web browsing, social networking, messaging, games, or even AI-enhancements supported by Cloud computation are increasingly subject to bigger content and data generation from the user side.

Efficient spectrum usage is needed to cope with increased data rate and capacity demands. This affects not only throughput performance but also latency and connection stability among cellular users.

Novel data compression techniques are being studied by cellular/wireless engineers. Compressing the uplink data between user device and cellular base-station can provide gains for the user experience. MediaTek has just published a whitepaper - titled Uplink Data Compression that discusses in detail the issues faced, potential methods and results of improving spectral efficiency by enabling uplink compression on certain data types.

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