PC Mag picks best smart-speakers

Sep 16, 2018
PC Mag picks best smart-speakers

Bringing smart-speakers (or voice assistant devices) into our homes has undoubtedly made our lives easier, enabling us to easily ask for an answer to a question, to turning on the lights, set reminders or timers, make lists, link up with your smartphone to make calls, and many more things.

It's no wonder then that global smart-speaker shipments are growing extremely fast, but which are the best devices to buy? Different rooms often require different device types - screen or voice only? large or small? ..and there are many now to choose from.

PC Mag has rated the best smart-speakers of 2018 and 3 of the top 5 are powered by MediaTek! By combining the power of AI with natural voice recognition, smart-speakers with MediaTek hardware inside such as the Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Sonos Beam are quickly becoming essential items for the (smarter) home.

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