Rohde & Schwarz verifies MediaTek's satellite (NTN) chip based on 3GPP R17 standard

Mar 1, 2023

Rohde & Schwarz, Bullitt and MediaTek has collaborated to fully test and verify the world’s first satellite-to-mobile messaging 5G smartphone, ensuring it adheres to the latest 3GPP Release 17 standard.

At MWC Barcelona, a test setup in the Rohde & Schwarz booth is showcasing Bullitt's new 5G smartphone that integrates MediaTek's latest 5G NTN chip. Rohde & Schwarz has verified that SOS messaging and two-way messaging work reliably in no-coverage scenarios via NTN (satellite networks) in line with 3GPP, assuring MediaTek's chip can operate in global cellular markets.

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This news follows the recent announcement of the world's first 5G smartphone with NTN connectivity - the Cat S75 (designed by Bullitt) - which is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 930 plus MediaTek's new 5G NTN chip.

MediaTek's leadership in NTN is on display at MWC 2023, with a world's first demonstration of a live test setup using MediaTek's next-gen 5G NR-NTN chip. The forthcoming chip enables two-way satellite communications to smartphones and other devices that will enable higher data rates like navigation and real-time communication.

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Satellite networks aim to fill gaps in mobile coverage, offering a reliable way for devices to communicate in remote locations. With satellite-enabled smartphones, consumers can stay in touch when they are hiking, driving in secluded areas, on a boat, or in other situations where there has traditionally been no connectivity; this will not only provide users with peace of mind, but also enable them to request assistance in emergency situations.

Today the biggest market opportunity for 3GPP NTN technology is smartphones, although there is a growing demand for satellite connectivity in IoT applications such as agriculture, forestry, and logistics. The automotive industry will also be a major market for satellite communications technology in the coming years.

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