Skyworth Q91 8KTV powered by MediaTek S900

Skyworth Q91 8KTV powered by MediaTek S900

Jan 6, 2020 - 4:00 PM - Partners

The new Skyworth Q91 8K TV is large, fast and premium-spec'd, with its 75-inch diagonal size and 8K resolution (7680 × 4320) 120Hz IPS display. The display supports Dolby Vision HDR with a full-array of local dimming backlights across 576 zones. Behind the scenes is the mighty MediaTek S900 8KTV SoC, which is partnered to a generous 8.5GB of memory and 128GB of inbuilt storage.

The S900 SoC features a quad-core Arm Cortex-A73 CPU, MediaTek APU (AI processor) and cutting-edge, MediaTek-designed media decoding engine. This is capable of hardware decoding of 8K media streams up to 60fps, and enhancing it with MediaTek AIPQ - an Image Processing Engine that performs real-time digital signal processing to enhance or upscale videos in real-time to 8K resolution at 120FPS.

Skyworth adds an in-built pop-up camera - its TrensAI 2.0 - that aims to enable more than just TV and movies; with the potential video chat, gesture sensing games or user interface, or a display that's automatically reactive to the watching environment to provide a more in-tune user experience.

The Skyworth Q91 is set to launch first in the US in the summer, followed by other global markets.