Smartphone Photography Tips - Outdoor, Natural Photography

Nov 28, 2020
Smartphone Photography Tips - Outdoor, Natural Photography

Follow our ‘How to Mobile Photo’ video channel to see the latest tips and tricks for capturing and editing the best smartphone photos on your MediaTek Helio or Dimensity 5G-powered device.

Gordon Laing is the author of 'In Camera' a book that contains the art of JPEG photography without any post-processing. He is also a professional photographer and the editor of Camera Labs. Gordon is a journalist who has over 25 years of experience and he has also been a keen photographer since childhood and enjoys eating and traveling. He shares his personal work @Cameralabs on Instagram and Twitter. You can also check out his gear reviews on as well as on YouTube and his Cameralabs Photography Podcast on iTunes.

How to Click Colorful Images of Autumnal Leaves

How to Click Striking Selfie Shots with Natural Lighting

How to Shoot a Windy Time-Lapse Video

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