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Mar 13, 2021

Follow our ‘How to Mobile Photo’ video channel to see the latest tips and tricks for capturing and editing the best smartphone photos on your MediaTek Helio or Dimensity 5G-powered device.

Gordon Laing is the author of 'In Camera', a book that contains the art of JPEG photography without any post-processing. He is a journalist with more than 25 years of experience and he has also been a keen photographer since childhood. Gordon is the editor of and also a professional photographer. He shares his personal work @Cameralabs on Instagram and Twitter. You can also check out his gear reviews on as well as on YouTube and his Cameralabs Photography Podcast on iTunes.

How to Shoot Videos of Birds in Slow-Motion

Birds are some of the most interesting subjects for natural photography​. And the slow-motion feature adds an engaging element in the videos that capture the flight of the birds. Observe Gordon Laing as he shows the tricks to capture perfect slow-motion videos of birds.

How to Click Engrossing Purposefully-Framed Photos

Nature offers some incredible opportunities in terms of #SmartphonePhotography​. Naturally framed photos with elements present in the surroundings is a unique way to add an element of creativity to your shots. Observe Gordon Laing as he shows ways to utilize a fence as a natural frame in the photos. Drop us a follow for more photography content.

How to Shoot Hyperlapse Videos of Urban Space

We are all aware of time-lapse. Hyperlapse further adds a unique element that makes the videos stand out in terms of creativity. Observe Gordon Laing show certain tricks to utilize hyperlapse into urban videos. Use these tricks to make fun and ingenious content and follow us for more tricks.

How to Click Memorable Images of Appealing Signposts

Signposts are some of the most aesthetically pleasing and simultaneously vital elements of a location. Although we have Google Maps​ now, people still check out for the occasional location-based signpost. It has a lot of potential as a prop to travel photos so observe Gordon Laing as he shows the best ways to integrate a signpost into an image.

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