Smartphone Photography Tips - Sculptures

Jan 30, 2021

Follow our ‘How to Mobile Photo’ video channel to see the latest tips and tricks for capturing and editing the best smartphone photos on your MediaTek Helio or Dimensity 5G-powered device.

Dave Stevenson shoots for travel companies, newspapers, and magazines and has run several workshops at London Zoo. He is a travel and nature photographer, specializing in wildlife photography. Dave’s works have appeared in various publications worldwide and he also offers photography courses for those who wish to get a deep insight into this field.

How to Capture Interesting Images of Sculptures with Context

Sculptures are forms of art that portray different aspects of beauty and connotations. They can represent varied meanings for the audience especially if they are abstract models. Observe Dave Stevenson utilize the background while clicking the sculpture in order to attain images with a contextual base.

How to Capture Fragmented Water Droplets on Abstract Sculpture

Abstract sculptures have a unique aspect of beauty integrated into them. The best part about these sculptures is that you can utilize them in different angles and in distinctive ways for stunning smartphone photography shots. Observe Dave Stevenson as he integrates fragmented water droplets into his snaps of abstract sculptures.

How to Capture Distinctive Images of Natural Vanishing Points

Converging-line shots are intriguing elements in nature photography. The aspect of interest increases when the converging lines dissolve into vanishing points, creating an effect of depth in the shots. Observe Dave Stevenson show certain tricks to click an impactful image with the implementation of the natural vanishing points.

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