SUNMI intelligent, handheld point of sale devices powered by MediaTek IoT

Jun 21, 2021
Sumni v2

The SUNMI V2 and P2 are intelligent, handheld point of sale (PoS) devices powered by MediaTek IoT platforms. With a highly capable quad-core CPU, inbuilt LTE connectivity, vibrant displays, high-resolution cameras and other flexible features, MediaTek IoT platforms power SUNMI PoS hardware and its SUNMI OS with responsive performance and reliable features.

The SUNMI V2 handheld PoS device includes a large 5.45-inch IPS touchscreen display with HD+ resolution, that’s vibrant, clear, easy to read and click.

The SUNMI V2 is highly versatile, offering an inbuilt camera with autofocus and flash for OoO tasks like QR code reading even in low-light conditions. Great for even outdoor use or extended areas where its 4G connectivity ensures connections even when roaming beyond Wi-Fi range.

A large 2,580mAh battery ensures longer daily operating life, while the slim and light body means it’s easy to hold too.

SUNMI P2 handheld payment PoS device, powered by MediaTek, offers multiple payment mechanisms from a single device, high print speed and even offers a customizable key for shortcuts, ensuring the most efficient transactions.

As a secure electronic payment terminal, SUNMI P2 obtains financial level certification and supports omni payment channels including magnetic strip card, IC card, NFC and even QR code via front or rear cameras.

Equipped with 5.5-inch HD+ display and slim device body, it’s easy to hold and use, while dual 4G SIM and GPS ensures wide roaming connectivity and even the exact location of the payment process took place. The P2 offers docking with USB and Ethernet for wired use-cases.

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