The Dimensity 1000 tops AI benchmark charts

Nov 27, 2019
Ethz Dimensity 1000

The new Dimensity 1000 currently leads the AI benchmark rankings with a score of 56,158!

The ETHZ benchmark suite comprehensively tests AI performance across a number of tasks including, Object Recognition / Classification, Face Recognition, Image Deblurring, Image Super-Resolution, Semantic Image Segmentation, Photo Enhancement and more.

Why is this so important?

AI performance has is extremely important to a wide range of smartphone functions, including photography and video capture, video streaming, visual processing applications (AR/XR), users assistants, and much more.

Processing AI tasks at the edge (in the phone SoC itself) is preferred because it can actively work in conjunction with the all the sensors in your smartphone to provide a wholly unique experience. Purely edge-AI response is faster, more secure and more private, but it can also be enhanced by Cloud services that provide additional intelligence and data, giving smartphone makers and app developers great flexibility.

How is the MediaTek Dimensity 1000 better than the rest?

Inside the Dimensity 1000 is MediaTek's latest APU 3.0: a custom-designed hexa-core AI processor with dedicated multi-threading engine to ensure more efficient use of its many powerful cores. The heterogeneous mix of two big cores, three small cores and one tiny core means AI demands are intelligently shuttled to the right core type for maximum power-efficiency.

The APU 3.0 is 2.5X faster than the previous generation APU 2.0, which also topped the same AI ranking last year, making our annual performance increment a monumental upgrade for smartphone users to do ever more.

This new performance potential has enabled us to build a new wave of AI-camera enhancements with Dimensity 1000, which now include video HDR, AI-Shutter, AI-AE, AI-AF, AI-AWB, AI-NR HDR, AI-HDR, and AI facial detection to ensure the complete capture experience is the smartest and fastest ever.

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