Top 6 features of the MediaTek Dimensity 6300

May 1, 2024

Bringing a boost to performance, great gaming, and vibrant visuals into mainstream 5G smartphones, the new MediaTek Dimensity 6300 has the power to let you do some impressive things from this tiny, power-efficient all-in-one chip:

108MP Cameras with Enhanced Noise Reduction

Brands can build superb smartphones with 108MP camera sensors that capture highly detailed shots. Meanwhile, MediaTek’s noise reduction technologies deliver a stable, clear image when taking snaps in low-light conditions.

Faster Games

Gamers can enjoy up to 10% faster FPS than the previous generation chip, and a 50+% GPU performance advantage versus competitor alternative platforms.

MediaTek HyperEngine Benefits

Whole smartphone enhancements improve power-efficiency by up to 11%, extending gameplay. Meanwhile, demanding gameplay scenes can see up to 13% faster FPS, helping to avoid lag when the action gets intense.

If you’re on the move, intelligent connection prediction between 5G and Wi-Fi allows more reliable connectivity to ensure you always stay connected to the game server.

Billion Color Displays

Smartphone designers can build with the most vibrant AMOLED displays to give users contour-free true colors, enhancing the everyday user experience.

Display speeds can reach 120Hz, which helps reduce visual fatigue, and provides a supremely smooth user experience, such as page scrolling and animations in apps.

Premium 5G Technologies

The fully integrated 5G modem provides downlink speeds up to 3.3Gb/s, while connectivity enhancements now deployed among global cellular operators, include 2CC carrier aggregation to take advantage of mid and low bands together for greater signal coverage and faster average speeds.

MediaTek 5G UltraSave 3.0+ gives 13-30% greater power efficiency compared to competitor alternatives, while situationally intelligent enhancements can identify when travelling on high-speed rail, subway, or in vehicle underground to yield 20% more effective downlink speeds compared to competitor alternatives.

Exceptionally Power-efficient Chip

Using the TSMC 6nm-class chip production process ensures an extended battery life, even for demanding smartphone users.

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