Top 8 tech features of the Kompanio 838 that amplify productive working, learning and creativity

Jun 7, 2024

The MediaTek Kompanio 838 amplifies productivity, provides smooth 4K multimedia and web browsing experiences, and is a great asset for the classroom. This highly efficient processor enables exceptional battery life in thin and light Chromebook designs, empowering every users, teachers, and students to be truly mobile all day long. Here's the top 8 tech features inside that amplify productive working, learning and creativity.

1) Upgraded Performance

The Kompanio 838 provides outstanding performance and superior multitasking thanks to its octa-core CPU including Arm Cortex-A78 'big core' processors, a highly capable tri-core graphics engine, and twice the memory bandwidth compared to previous generation platforms.

2) HDR Cameras with Excellent Low-light Capture

Its new generation MediaTek Imagiq 7 series ISP upgrades HDR and low-light capture quality, giving photos and videos more true-to-life colors, even in challenging lighting conditions. Product designers can even include dual camera designs with different lenses or sensors for greater choice and product differentiation.

3) 4K Webcams

Device makers can spec 4K webcams to deliver exceptional streaming quality that boosts your professionalism in video conferencing and remote working, or allows students to see the whole classroom and extra details on slides in remote education scenarios.

4) On-Device AI Enhancement

Built into the processor, the MediaTek NPU 650 provides efficient image data processing, for more interactive, and higher quality multimedia with unparalleled power efficiency.

5) Amplify the workspace with 4K dual displays

Support for not just one, but two 4K displays means Chromebook designers can add the highest detail screens into their latest models, while also adding an external display connection that can output at the same resolution. Connect to a 4KTV, monitor or projector for demonstrations, presentations, movie nights, or just benefit from a healthy dose of amplified productivity thanks to the extra visual real estate.

6) Ideal for 4K Streaming Media

Now with hardware accelerated AV1 video decoding integrated into the processor, the Kompanio 838 is ideal for watching premium 4K video streams smoothly, while minimizing battery drain.

7) Superior Battery Life

Built on an advanced 6nm chip production process, this processor affords class-leading power efficiency, enabling Chromebook designers the option to create slim and light designs that can even be silent and fanless, while also providing true all-day battery life that gives users the confidence to leave the charger at home.

8) Super-fast, secure Wi-Fi

While not part of the Kompanio 838 processor itself, the platform provides the flexibility for device makers to opt for either MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E chipsets, depending on market requirements. This enables both dual- and tri-band connectivity options, with both offering 2x2 antenna for reliable connections, enhanced WPA 3 security, and up to 1.9Gbps throughput speeds (with Wi-Fi 6E).

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