What is... 10nm technology?

Feb 28, 2017
What is... 10nm technology?

Creating faster, better system-on-chip products relies on not only improved designs but also reaching to the next step in fabrication to silicon. In integrated circuit (IC) design, reducing the 'gate pitch' (size) allows smaller and smaller transistors, which in-tern allow more to be packed into the same space and use less energy when operating. Because products like smartphones are size and power limited, trying to cram more and more technologies into a single piece of silicon requires we continually jump to increasingly smaller fabrication processes. The latest is 10nm (nanometer).

MediaTek is again joining with world leading foundry TSMC to use its latest 10nm technologies. TSMC is a long-term MediaTek technology partner, and a distinguished leader in developing and advancing process fabrication technologies. Its 10nm process node is based on the next generation of high performance, low power 3D FinFET transistor technology.

We are among the first wave of 10 nanometer (nm) products being brought to market. The MediaTek Helio X30 is built using this 10nm technology, enabling us to pack in more transistors - more hardware and technologies - into the same sized package, delivering both lower power and higher performance.

The 10nm process provides “the highest density in the industry today in contact pitch,” according to TSMC, with a 50% die scaling (when converting an existing product) with a balance of up to 20% speed gain or 40% power reduction over 16nm-era technology.

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