What is... EnergySmart Screen?

Dec 22, 2016
What is... EnergySmart Screen?

MiraVision EnergySmart Screen

With the MediaTek Helio X23 and X27 a new MiraVision feature launched called EnergySmart Screen; an exclusive technology to the Helio series.

It works in conjunction with MiraVision's existing UltraDimming and BluLight Defender to reduce display power consumption up to 25%, depending on the brightness level, without affecting image quality. This is especially noteworthy since, while battery life will always be a core concern of smartphone users, the high-quality, high resolution LCD or AMOLED displays consume a significant power budget. Yet, any function to save display power must not affect the viewing experience.

When activated for LCDs, power reduction is achieved by adjusting the back-light according content shown, plus, adjusting input content brightness. For AMOLED there is no back-light, so power consumption is proportional to the display output level, so the input data content will be adjusted.

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