What is Generative AI and why is it important?

Jun 19, 2024
What is gen ai

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a new type of machine-learning algorithm that can generate original content based on a large database of information. It can spur new methods of creativity, aid productivity, or unleash the reality of new ideas from a simple prompt.

At MediaTek, we are building a future of ubiquitous AI. This includes Generative AI that can be processed "at the edge", which means on a device you own, or are using directly. Instead of relying on the cloud and risking unguaranteed internet connectivity, or expensive services that can see and even take control of your data, the generative content is processed right inside your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or vehicle.

We're committed to building industry-leading hardware with a Generative AI-capable NPU, like the MediaTek Dimensity 9300, that lets you use these apps today, while we're also researching the next generation of what's to come.

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