What is MediaTek 5G UltraSave?

Aug 11, 2020
What is MediaTek 5G UltraSave?

MediaTek 5G UltraSave is part of a range of technologies that feature in MediaTek's 5G-integrated chips for smartphones. It improves on the single-chip design to provide another layer of extensive power-saving enhancements that results in up to 40% more power efficiency than other 5G modem designs.

  • MediaTek 5G UltraSave Network Environment Detection
  • MediaTek 5G UltraSave OTA Content Awareness

Network Environment Detection and OTA Content Awareness together manages the modem's operating mode in real-time for best power efficiency. This intelligent algorithm dynamically adjusts power configuration and operating frequency based on the network environment and data transmission quality.

  • Dynamic Bandwidth Part (BWP)

Depending on the real-time needs of the smartphone application, the modem can dynamically adjust the bandwidth use to accommodate light or heavy data throughput requests. When the workload is light, it can automatically switch to a low-bandwidth mode, thereby reducing power consumption.

The 5G specification requires dynamic switching between these ‘narrow’ and ‘wide’ Bandwidth Parts (BWP), according to the real-time data throughput need.

Learn More about BWP in our Whitepaper.

  • Connected Mode DRX (C-DRX)

Even when there is no data activity the smartphone modem will regularly remain powered in connected standby. This technology is also supported when 5G and 4G are simultaneously connected.

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