What is MediaTek HyperEngine?

Aug 14, 2019
G90T Hyperengine Features

Whether you enjoy world building, strategy, arenas, or battle royale, these games demand a lot from even modern smartphone hardware. With 2.2 billion mobile gamers worldwide there's an undeniable need to making smartphone the best it can be, and that's where MediaTek HyperEngine Gaming Technology comes in. Paired wit the MediaTek Helio G90 and G90T, it optimizes these platforms to make the gaming experience more fluid, responsive, with reliable connections and true-to-life visuals.

The G90T offers CPU Antutu performance of over 222k, while GPU performance of the new Mali-G76 cores are over 30% faster than previous G72-generation hardware. The result is the only chip in its class to offer a solid 60 FPS gameplay in the popular title Knives Out.

Networking Engine

Intelligent Network Prediction Engine

The Intelligent Network Prediction Engine optimizes the connection between smartphone and cellular base-station. Even when the network is crowded or you're in an area where the cell-tower or Wi-Fi signal is weaker, you’ll get up to 50% faster response than competitors for a more reliable connection to the game server.

If you game primarily on Wi-Fi and the signal degrades Wi-Fi and LTE concurrency is triggered, keeping the connection smooth and the game lag-free. All this takes just 13ms.

Dual Wi-Fi Connections

This technology allows a single smartphone antenna to be connected to two Wi-Fi routers or two bands simultaneously (2.4GHz/5GHz).

Even if the user suffers continual 2.4/5GHz interference, MediaTek HyperEngine can still achieve under 200ms latency 97% of the time, versus 79% for with competitor alternatives. Meanwhile game jitter measured at only 3%, versus 21% with alternative chips.

Call & Data Concurrency

Typically, when a smartphone receives a call the data connection will stall. To ensure the data connection remains live and the game server connection never drops, call and data concurrency is enabled. Where competitor alternatives will drop the 4G data connection for up to 20 seconds, MediaTek HyperEngine allows you to defer the call without dropping the game connection for even a millisecond.

Performance certified by TUV Rheinland

Our Intelligent Network Prediction Engine is so good, in fact, that TUV Rheinland has tested it in 52 different scenarios and certified it was "High Network Connection Performance" - the first mobile gaming platform to receive the award.

Rapid Response Engine

Smooth Moves

MediaTek HyperEngine ensures the touchscreen input is reliably and accurately sensed without lag and that the game world is streamed and rendered fast and fluidly. Pan and scroll around the map or make your character run through the game world without stutter: all your game moves play fast and fluidly.

Rapid Sensing & Reduced Latency

We've reduced the processing latency so the "touch input --> processing --> display output" pipeline is at least 2.5X faster than competitor alternatives. The result is noticeably smoother gameplay that hits 60 FPS.

Picture Quality Engine

Brilliant Picture Quality

MediaTek's core expertise is providing the best-in-class display quality. Our MiraVision technologies intelligently control contrast based on the content shown. We support the latest HDR10 standard, 10-bit color depth and Rec.2020 color gamut, so brands can get the most out of their premium, all-screen HDR displays to show true-to-life colors and visuals.

Our Picture Quality Engine also brings enhancements to other areas such as sharpness, fine details and more. The result is that gaming experience is closer to a premium Smart TV or tailored home theater.

Resource Management Engine

Intelligent Resource Management

Intelligent resource management of the SoC processing elements like CPUs, GPUs, memory and even its AI processors, means you always have the highest sustainable performance framerates in games. This improves your gameplay because the FPS is always smooth and reliable, without stutters or judders.

Compared to competitor alternatives the G90T generates 46% smoother performance in heavy-loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay, while power consumption is simultaneously reduced up to 23% for longer play.

We achieve this through intelligent understanding and control of the thermal performance, energy aware resource management and advanced QoS algorithms.

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