What is... MiraVision?

What is... MiraVision?

Dec 28, 2016 - 12:00 AM - Products

MiraVision is a suite of display enhancement technologies that MediaTek exclusively incorporates into its SoC's for Smart TVs, set-top boxes, OTT boxes, Blu-ray players, tablets and smartphones - anything connected to a display!

It is designed to improve picture quality by intelligently altering display attributes such as hue, saturation, brightness, resolution and frame rate. MediaTek encompasses many individual technologies under the MiraVision banner; each enhance picture quality for power optimization, readability and eye-health.

Quality Enhancements

Ultra Resolution

Upscaling standard definition (DVD quality) low bit-rate content to Full HD or more can leave it pixelated and poor quality. MediaTek engineers have a set of sophisticated content classifier and algorithims that analyse the content and aim to restore every last detail at the larger resolution, making it appear as natively higher resolution.

HDR10 Remapping

HDR10 is the latest, open-source video standard capable of delivering high dynamic range video to capable displays. MediaTek’s dynamic range re-mapping goes beyond the standard solution; our technology takes into account the display capabilities of different devices and optimizes the content shown accordingly.

CrystalView 120FPS

While normal displays operate at 60Hz, the advent of double-speed 120Hz displays increases screen responsiveness and allows much smoother video, web-page scrolling and gaming. MediaTek 120FPS technology perfectly matches the SoC performance to these new 120Hz displays, eliminating fuzzy moving text, choppy images, and noticeably increasing screen responsiveness.

ClearMotion Video Playback

MediaTek’s ClearMotion is a display technology that uses frame-rate conversion to enhance the visual quality of video playback and streaming. ClearMotion performs an automatic frame-rate conversion of standard 24/30 frames-per-second (fps) to 60 or even 120 fps, depending on display capability.

Readability Enhancements


SmartScreen’s goal is to optimize display readability while saving power. It does this by first sensing ambient lighting and compares it to the content displayed on the screen. Then, this context-aware technology provides the best viewing experience across any lighting conditions, while simultaneously also optimizing for power consumption.

Blulight Defender

BluLight Defender minimizes color distortion - avoiding the yellow/red-tint effect like many third-party apps, thus offering a visible quality enhancement for users’ comfort. Our solution maintains superior picture quality while reducing blue light energy with our versatile Memory Color Recovery technology, capable of color-dependent blue light suppression.

Ultra Dimming

Love using your smartphone in bed? Our Ultra Dimming technology goes beyond the physical limitation of the backlight module by using advanced, real-time pixel-based processing to provide a dimmer, yet still readable display in very dark environments.

EnergySmart Screen

Operating in conjunction with existing UltraDimming and BluLight Defender, EnergySmart Screen can reduce display power consumption up to 25% without affecting image quality. This is especially noteworthy since, while battery life will always be a core concern of smartphone users, the high-quality, high resolution LCD or AMOLED displays consume a significant power budget. Yet, any function to save display power must not affect the viewing experience.

When activated for LCDs, power reduction is achieved by adjusting the back-light according content shown, plus, adjusting input content brightness. For AMOLED there is no back-light, so power consumption is proportional to the display output level, so the input data content will be adjusted.

Chameleon Display

Our Chameleon Display technology monitors the environment and adjusts the display to give print-like or e-ink viewing comfort on an electronic device, giving much better long-term reading comfort from a tablet or smartphone.