Xiaomi XiaoAi Touchscreen Speaker powered by MediaTek

Aug 15, 2019
Xiaomi XiaoAi Touchscreen Speaker powered by MediaTek

The Xiaomi's XiaoAi Touchscreen Speaker (小爱触屏音箱) is a Smart Display with AI-infusion for the home. Now available in China, this versatile device sports a popular MediaTek chip at its core.

At its simplest it upgrades the bedside alarm clock, offering users either videos - even their own - or music to wake to. The display introduces more depth to the feedback of its AI voice assistant by enabling the capacity to display image and video material in its replies.

It can act as a central control point for Xiaomi's growing number of smart home devices, providing access to things like smart cameras, locks, coolers, air purifiers, kitchenware and much more. Xiaomi also provides access to QQ music library, enabling the touchscreen to display lyrics, and iQiyi service for movies, TV shows or cartoons.

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