Youdao Translator 3, powered by MediaTek

Mar 6, 2021
Youdao Translator 3, powered by MediaTek

Check out the Youdao Translator 3 powered by MediaTek i300P. This portable pocket translator provides two-way voice translation in 87 languages when online, or five languages when offline. It offers instant camera translation and can connect to the internet via worldwide 4G. In addition to translation it also features an English learning toolset.

The MediaTek i300P is an LTE-enabled version of the i300-series AIoT platforms. It's capable of high performance compute from CPU, GPU and AI in an ultra-low power consumption to maximize battery life of portable products. Each chip has security elements built-in to ensure user security. MediaTek provides long-term support for its platforms and a wide ecosystem of partners to help brands bring their products to life.

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