MiraVision for Smartphones

Industry-leading Display & Video enhancement technologies

What is MiraVision technology?

MediaTek MiraVision is an exclusive suite of technologies that intelligently adjust a wide range of display and video stream factors. Available exclusively for product makers to enhance their designs, MediaTek MiraVision provides extensive hardware and software optimizations that improve the viewing quality, bringing cinema-grade visual experiences to the small screen.

MiraVision Display

MediaTek Intelligent Display Sync 2.0

Intelligent, real-time adjustments are made to the display refresh rate according to the game frame rate detected, ensuring you get a smooth viewing experience in the most intense action or in need of the most responsive scenarios, rather than when you’re watching a cut-scene, selecting a loadout or changing map. Gamers will benefit from the most immediate GPU-to-display pipeline ever, virtually eliminate inter-frame latency as the refresh rate changes to ensure an edge on the competition where millisecond reaction times make the difference.

Professional-grade Color Accuracy

MediaTek MiraVision enables flagship smartphones employing HDR-capable displays to provide extremely accurate color reproduction (DeltaE <1).

Wi-Fi Display up to 4K60 HDR10+

The latest MediaTek Dimensity 5G smartphone chips support wireless HDR10+ video streaming directly from smartphone to select 4K HDR SmartTVs via Wi-Fi 6. Videos up to 4K60 resolution, 10-bit HDR and DCI-P3 wide color gamut (1 billion colors via lossless transmission) are supported.


Our Ultra Dimming technology goes beyond the physical limitation of the backlight module by advanced real-time pixel-based processing to provide a dimmer, yet readable, light emission. Conventionally unavailable for ultra-low light situations, our Ultra Dimming technology improves viewing comfort, especially in darker environments.


SmartScreen optimizes display readability while saving power. First, it senses ambient lighting and evaluates the content on the screen, then our context-aware technology ensures the best viewing experience is delivered in all lighting conditions, while also optimizing energy efficiency.

Blulight Defender

BluLight Defender is our solution that’s cutting blue light energy while maintaining color quality via Memory Color Recovery technology. BluLight Defender saves power and is capable of minimizing color distortions. Unlike third-party apps, this hardware-based feature doesn’t produce a yellow-tint effect and consequently outperforms alternatives in terms of viewing comfort.

MiraVision Video

AI-PQ (Picture Quality)

Whereas conventional picture quality settings use a single, fixed setting that compromises the quality of the content being watched, MediaTek AI-PQ for smartphones performs real-time analysis of the video stream, and then applies scene-adaptive settings that deliver optimum picture quality without compromises. The intelligent scene detection can recognize common themes within the stream such as people, food, landscapes and architecture.

AI-HDR Composer (SDR to HDR)

Using our in-chip AI processor (APU), AI-HDR Composer technology intelligently up-convert SDR video to HDR quality in real-time, whether captured from the smartphone camera or streamed via online service. It gives users the full experience of their HDR smartphone display by generating breathtaking visuals and a cinematic experience that is visibly superior.

8K AV1 Ready

MediaTek MiraVision supports a wide range of hardware-based video decoding engines for popular streaming codecs, including the latest AV1 for up to 8K media streams, unlocking the limitations of smartphones to showcase the most impressive videos, while also being extremely light on battery.

MiraVision Enhancements for HDR10, HDR10+ and HDR10+ Adaptive Video Playback

MiraVision Video can provide enhancements for media using the HDR10, HDR10+ and HDR10+ Adaptive format in real-time , to display better quality than the original content. MiraVision can apply frame-level adjustments to HDR10 format media, block-level adjustments to HDR10+ format media and color enhancements to HDR10+ Adaptive format media.