Pump Express™
Charge Less. Live More.

Mobile technologies have changed everything. We are free to access information wherever life takes us. That is, until our batteries run low. Then we’re once again tied to a power socket. That’s why we created Pump Express™.

Ready when you are

We live in a fast-paced world. So shorter recharge times mean less waiting for a smartphone to be ready to use and enjoy. It also means more time to stay connected to what you love, and capture life’s unforgettable moments. Pump Express gives manufacturers a simple and cost-effective way to bring fast-charging smartphones to market.

Together at Last: Wired + Wireless

Pump Express engineers have focused on both performance and safety for both wired and wireless charging. MediaTek fast charging is available as Pump Express 4.0 for wired and Pump Express Wireless.

Pump Express 4.0

MediaTek Pump Express 4.0 cuts smartphone battery recharge times by over half, compared to a standard USB charger. It supports the latest USB-C cable standard, with up to 5 Amps of current. 

The technology is compatible with the international standard of ‘USB PD 3.0 programmable power supplies’, allowing standard USB PD 3.0 fast chargers to boost Pump Express 4.0-enabled smartphones.

Pump Express Wireless

Charging your smartphone wirelessly is much more convenient than digging a cable out every time you need to charge. Now, you can just drop it on the charge pad and it starts charging automatically.

Pump Express Wireless is compatible with both Qi baseline power profile (5W) and extended power profile (up to 15W).

For Your 2018 Smartphone

Ready to make your smartphone truly mobile? Pump Express 4.0 and Pump Express Wireless are now available on MediaTek-powered smartphones.