MediaTek T300


The MediaTek T300 is designed for a wide variety of always-connected IoT applications, replacing existing Cat-4 LTE connectivity in video security, logistics, and add-on data-modules for industrial, mobile and edge devices.

3GPP Release-17 modem

The MediaTek T300 is built to 3GPP Release-17 standard and features advanced 5G technologies such as R17 low power enhancements include Paging Early Indication, UE Subgrouping, TRS info while idle, and PDCCH monitoring adaptation and RLM relaxation while active, as well as R17 coverage enhancement and R17 small data transmission. T300 also supports network slicing with low latency and ultra reliability connectivity features.

UltraSave 4.0 and compact platform

With built-in RF, unlike competitor alternatives, it excels at integration, offering a smaller package size that can yield greater product design opportunities. An 800 MHz CPU powering the chip ensures it is highly responsive when required. Meanwhile, MediaTek UltraSave 4.0 significantly reduces power-consumption by up to 60% compared to LTE Cat-4 alternatives, and up to 70% compared to existing 5G eMBB solutions.



CPU Type

Arm Cortex-A35

Max CPU Frequency



One (1)

Memory & Storage

Memory Type


Max Memory Frequency


Peripheral Interfaces

Key Peripheral Interfaces

  • 1x PCI-Express 1.0 for connection to external application processor
  • 1xUSB 2.0

Cellular Connectivity

Cellular Connectivity

  • Sub-6 (FR1) FDD / TDD
  • 4G LTE FDD / TDD
  • 1T2R antenna
  • Support TDD and FDD bands at 20 MHz bandwidth
  • DSSA (dual SIM single active)


  • R17 low-power enhancement
  • R17 coverage enhancement
  • R17 small data transmission

Sub-6GHz Performance

  • Up to 227 Mbps peak downlink and 122 Mbps peak uplink (SA)
  • Uplink enhancements: power class-2 and 256QAM

LTE Performance

  • Up to 150 Mbps peak downlink and 75 Mbps peak uplink