Highly integrated system-on-a-chip for Android set-top boxes, with OTT streaming support.

MediaTek MT8685 is a highly integrated home media player system on a chip (SOC) with integrated application processing and connectivity subsystems. The chip features an arm Cortex®-A7 quad-core CPU that runs at speeds up to 1.5GHz and a powerful multi-standard video accelerator.

MT8685 interfaces to DDR3 and DDR3L NAND flash memory for optimal performance and supports booting from eMMC to minimize the overall BOM. An extensive set of interfaces is also included, with support for video and audio devices, cameras and memory cards readers.


CPU Cluster 1:
ARM Cortex-A7 @ 1.5GHz
CPU Core:
Quad (4)
CPU Bit:


Bluetooth,  Ethernet,  USB 2.0,  Wi-Fi

audio Visual Features

Audio Decoding:
AAC(+),  MP3
Video Encoding:
Video Decoding:
H.264,  H.265 / HEVC
Disc Support:
DVD,  Blu-ray