This Chip Entertains

The global market leader of Intelligent Home products

Digital Smart TV, Voice Assistant Devices, Blu-ray & DVD, Wi-Fi routers, & Optical Drives

AI Enhanced

We are making all these products even smarter with enhanced AI features and powerful AI processing in the device – Edge AI. This means we can add dynamic intelligence to connectivity, create innovative object detection technologies even for TVs, and provide context awareness to voice and facial recognition, and much more.

#1 Chipmaker for Voice Assistant Devices

By combining the power of the cloud with reliable, natural voice recognition, MediaTek Voice Assisted Devices (VADs) are quickly becoming the hub of the smart home.

Experience Entertainment in Ultra-High Quality

Flawless and Superb Support for UltraHD High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats

Home Audio

High-definition audio reproduction has been at the forefront of our chipset technology for nearly two decades.

Driving Innovations with Smart Home Solutions

MediaTek’s forte lies in building the Intelligent Home of tomorrow. This is where we started, and continue to lead.

Smart Television

Premium 4KUHD quality smart TV with next-gen AI enhancements

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Mediacenter, Blu-Ray, Set-Top Box, DVD 

Content-rich media experience with the connected entertainment

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Voice Assistant Devices

Industry-leading voice assistants platforms for smart home ecosystems

Home Audio

Immersive HD surround sound quality for unparalleled experience

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Trend-setting Tablets for widescreen entertainment and intelligent home control

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Home & Office Network

Blazing fast wireless MU-MIMO based Wi-Fi routers and repeaters

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ASIC Services

High-grade custom silicon solutions for home applications & more

IoT Devices

Highly integrated, more connected, more power efficient

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This Chip Connects

Connect more. Watch more. Share more. Networks are the gateways that connect us.

Networking & Broadband

This chip lets you do more of everything that matters and keeps you in touch with everyone you love. Connect in and out of your home with seamless, reliable, high-performance wireless and broadband connectivity by MediaTek.

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Our 5G solutions will bridge the gap between the convenience of mobile connectivity and the speed of home Wi-Fi New connected devices and higher data use will characterize the 5G era.

This Chip Differentiates

Revolutionizing the smart home ecosystem with complimentary technology

MediaTek MiraVision

Stunning visual quality with eye soothing enhanced displays

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Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionary AI – for Cutting-Edge User Experiences

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MediaTek UltraCast streaming technology enables users to enjoy the stunning clarity of 4K video content generated by their smartphones and stream it wirelessly to a 4K-ready television or set-top box. MediaTek UltraCast extends standard Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ technology by adding the ability to stream 4K content. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ is a standard for transmitting content through wireless connections from mobile or laptop devices to large display devices, such as TVs, monitors or projectors. 

Using Wi-Fi as the transmission vehicle, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ replaces the traditional cable connection between device and display.