Powering your smart home experience with cutting-edge technologies

Whether you use your big screen for movies, streaming or just plain-old TV, our intelligent technologies make the experience even better. We’re building the smartest 8K TVs, with the fastest connectivity and display enhancements that work actively behind the scenes.

It’s All in the Name

With ‘media’ in our name, we do the hard work so you can just sit back and enjoy the show. It’s like magic that everyone can use.

Go Big & Go Home

From Ultra HD to 8K, featuring the latest HDR standards, integrated AI processors and imaging enhancements, we’re at the forefront of home multimedia technologies that give the richest, most brilliant, realistic images and sounds.

#1 TV Chip Provider

MediaTek Powers the TV Brands You Love

Incredible performance, advanced intelligence & brilliant picture quality

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Smart TV Platforms

Leading Smart TV Platforms with Global Application

Flagship 8K TV Products

Our S-series of flagship 8KTV SoC’s includes all our most cutting-edge technologies to provide the most compelling entertainment experience ever.

Premium UltraHD (4K) Products

Our premium 4KTV SoC’s provide MEMC capabilities and up to 120Hz refresh rates for incredible responsiveness and the latest technologies and interfaces.

Mainstream UltraHD (4K) Products

Our mainstream 4KTV SoC’s provide up to 60Hz refresh rates and incorporate segment leading technologies and interfaces.

Smart TV Full HD (2K) Products

Our entry and legacy smart TV SoC’s for Full HD resolution displays.

MediaTek Smart TV Technologies


MediaTek’s AI Picture Quality technology enables real-time facial and scene recognition, then automatically fine-tunes the picture quality settings by optimizing color saturation, brightness, sharpness, dynamic motion compensation and picture noise, to best showcase what’s being watched.

AI-Super Resolution

MediaTek AI-Super Resolution intelligently upscales all content, whether streamed, cable, or disc, to match the native display resolution. It uses unique AI-scene and -image recognition, in addition to per-frame data analysis that selectively reduces noise, applies sharpness and resizes elements, to greatly enhance the quality of real-time image upscaling.


MediaTek’s suite of display enhancement technologies is integrated into our chipsets for smart TVs, mobile devices, tablets, and beyond to automatically give you the best viewing experience on every device.

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Never lose the remote control again. As industry leaders in voice assistant devices (VADs), our AI voice technologies can also be found in smart TVs, allowing you to take control by just asking.

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Wi-Fi 6

We’ve combined our leading Smart TV and Wi-Fi portfolios to integrate the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard into Smart TV platforms, delivering the fastest, most reliable wireless connectivity for next-generation content.

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8K 60Hz / 4K 120Hz Displays

Whether you want the biggest resolution available today for eye-popping detail or the fastest Ultra HD displays for incredible gaming, we’ve got SoC’s with the highest performance, intelligent features, fastest connectivity, and the latest generation of display interfaces.