Digital TV

Premium 4KUHD quality smart TV with next-gen AI enhancements

#1 chipset provider for Digital TVs

​MediaTek leads the industry in launching multi-core Smart TV SoCs and is the leading chipset provider by volume in the digital TV space​

MediaTek knows multi-media

With Ultra High Definition (UHD) becoming a mature technology, MediaTek continues to push the boundary with next-generation multimedia technologies that make UHD content shine. And, with worldwide demodulation, leading connectivity solutions, and a high level of technology integration into our SoCs, MediaTek digital TV chipsets reduce both cost and time-to-market for next-generation digital TV, making exciting new levels of home entertainment available to a much wider audience.

Artificial Intelligence

As the world’s number one digital TV chip & IP supplier, we maximize viewing quality with AI-powered features like real-time scene analysis, and we are building the next generation of 8K and HDR-enabled displays.

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