5G RedCap

Empower IoT and wearables with power-efficient and compact cellular connectivity. 5G RedCap is part of MediaTek’s broad portfolio of connectivity solutions.

MediaTek 5G RedCap

MediaTek’s 5G RedCap platforms empower product designers to expedite the transition to 5G-NR for a wide range of applications, such as wearables and light-weight AR devices in consumer markets that require exceptional battery life and highly compact PCB areas, and cellular IoT and edge AI applications in industry, which reduces total operating costs and promotes energy sustainability in large device deployments.

MediaTek’s 5G RedCap platforms include 3GPP Release-17 standard features, in addition to industry-leading power-efficiency advantages from MediaTek 5G RedCap UltraSave, plus enhanced coverage, and reliable connectivity, offering a significant generational advantage over existing 4G IoT solutions.

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MediaTek T300 Features

World’s First RedCap RFSoC for 5G IIoT and Wearables

MediaTek T300 series are built using the world’s first RedCap RFSoC to create highly integrated and incredibly power efficient 5G RedCap connectivity. They are designed expressly for IoT, portable and wearable devices that require ultra-low power consumption, while benefiting from always available connectivity. It can achieve up to 78% lower power consumption in VoNR, and up to 70% lower in 5G data/voice communications.

Achieving 5G URLLC

The T300 is designed to reliably achieve consistently low latency in AR and IIoT, by servicing critical traffic flows with precise scheduling granularity to reduce transmission latency.

A sub-10ms end-to-end latency is reliably achievable for IIoT and enables mission-critical operating environments using the MediaTek solution.

For AR applications using public cellular networks, it is possible to achieve a sub-40ms latency threshold that avoids motion sickness, significantly upgrading the user experience.

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