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MediaTek's AIoT program is spurring AI innovation with its platforms that enterprises, startups, emerging brands and leading OEMs in diverse markets use; designing a wide range of IoT devices with Edge-AI capabilities, new user experiences and addressing new market opportunities.

MediaTek's AIoT program enables adopting customers to deep-differentiate in software and going to market quickly. The offering includes MediaTek hardware solutions, running Linux or Android software builds.

Our AIoT Chipset Platforms

Proven Edge-AI hardware supported by Industry-standard software


AI Vision Devices

Mainstream Computer Vision products implementing recognition and classification of objects or people, like smart security systems, smart ovens, robots, drones and more.


Mainstream AIoT Devices

A mainstream AIoT platform with integrated APU and DSP designed for Edge applications that require voice and vision processing.


Display Oriented Devices

Smart hub products that require voice assistants integrated with touchscreens displays, like thermostats, head-mounted displays, point of sale terminals, exercise equipment and more.


Voice Recognition Devices

Products with Alexa or Google Voice Assistant technology integration, like smart speakers, kitchen and cleaning appliances, smart locks and more.

Platform Features

High Performance with Ultra-Low Power Consumption

MediaTek’s AIoT platforms are highly integrated, with ultra-low power consumption to maximize battery life and deliver superior computing power (including CPU, GPU and AI Processing Units) to enable next generation AIoT devices.

Security & Updates

Each chip features Arm’s TrustZone security built-in. MediaTek is committed to long term support for operating system updates and security patches.

i300 and i500 platforms are also offered with LTE connectivity under the part names of i300P and i500P.

Long Term Support

MediaTek is providing 7 years of sales and technical support for its AIoT platforms. The corresponding PMIC & connectivity chips are also included in long term support.

AIoT EVK Boards

Meet "Pumpkin"

Compact Hardware Development Kit

MediaTek's hardware development board, called Pumpkin, is available through Seeed Studio. Pumpkin boards are available with i300A, i300B, i350 and i500 chipset platforms, with the option of add-on peripherals, such as camera adapter, display adapter, Azure Sphere Hat, and Vesper Hat - a circular microphone array.

Learn more about Pumpkin Software Releases >

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Pumpkin Evaluation Kit Smart Audio Edition >
Pumpkin Evaluation Kit Smart Hub Edition >
Pumpkin Evaluation Kit Smart Vision Edition >

Pumpkin Evaluation Kit Mainstream Edge AI Edition (Coming Q2 2021)

Optional Add-on Peripherals for Pumpkin

Vesper Hat

Beyond leading voice performance, the Pumpkin reference design also supports Vesper's revolutionary ZeroPower Listening™ technology with a VM1010 interface. This ZPL technology will enable battery-powered far field product categories in the smart home and eliminates the need to compromise between portability and performance.

More EVK Options

Additional EVK Partners

SB30 SoM & EVK

InnoComm SB30 System-on-Module and Evaluation Kit are highly-integrated optimized AIoT modules powered by MediaTek i300A (MT8362A) Quad-core ARM® Cortex A35 operating up to 1.5GHz. SB30 SoM and EVK enable brands to develop powerful applications in audio/video, kiosks, digital signage, fitness consoles, and small dimension human machine interfaces.

More about InnoComm SB30 SoM & EVK >


Tessolve introduces MAGIK2 family NANO System on module & evaluation board powered by MediaTek i500 Octa Core CPU operating @ 2GHz supporting wide variety of feature set running Android Operating system. Feature rich EVK from Tessolve is a product development accelerator helping brands to develop powerful end applications ahead of time, shortening their time to market in computer vision, smart camera, connected touch displays, edge computing applications to name a few.


The VIA VAB-950 harnesses the performance and native AI processing capabilities of the MediaTek i500 AIoT platform to enable a host of next-generation digital signage, industrial automation, and HMI system applications. Based on the EPIC 14cm x 10cm form factor, the VIA VAB-950 features an integrated SIM card slot for LTE / 4G connectivity, plus dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0 as well rich I/O connectivity.

More about VIA VAB-950 >

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