Enterprise IoT powered by MediaTek Genio

Scalable IoT embedded solutions

Enabling enterprises to shift from a data volume to a data value mindset

The ability to compete successfully in the digital age requires enterprises to shift from a data volume to a data value mindset, which requires advanced IoT capabilities.

Enterprises seek scalable IoT embedded capabilities that enable them to capitalize on their data to make better decisions faster, lower costs, increase efficiency, speed innovation and create exceptional experiences.

MediaTek provides a suite of IoT SoC and smart modules that support the development of integrated, converged and easy-to-deploy solutions for data integration, mobility and accessibility that enable enterprises to translate data into actionable insights.

Innovate Confidently with MediaTek Genio And get to market faster


• Low power

• High performance

• Low latency

• AI vision capabilities

• Powerful edge processing


  • Single software architecture
  • Developer and user simplicity
  • Security-proofed
  • Worldwide support

Enterprise IoT Application Market Segments

Smart Fitness

Powerful AI vision to provide high clarity display | Latest Bluetooth technology to connect seamlessly to accessories | Leading connectivity for Wi-Fi networks for connected services

Enterprise Endpoints

AI facial recognition and vision | AI data capture and analysis | Wi-Fi and wired connectivity


Compact design highly reliable | Friendly responsive UI keeps for smooth operation | Advanced voice and gesture control AI features and predictive analytics

Smart Appliance

Excellent ecosystem global support | AI voice-assisted technology integration | Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low power and efficient connectivity


Go anywhere, longer, with wireless and lightweight fanless design | Overall cost reductions with battery and weight savings | Autonomous capabilities enhancement with powerful AI and multi-core processing

Gateways & PLC

Compact design with high reliability in a fanless design | Integrated TSN and optional low latency wireless for real-time process control | Network and systems cost reductions with high-performance edge processing maintenance analytics

Build IoT Things with MediaTek Genio

Manufacturers of consumer, enterprise and industrial devices can innovate confidently and bring leading-edge devices to market faster with the MediaTek portfolio of IoT chipsets and smart modules.