MediaTek Helio™ isn’t just a processor chip. It’s a bold mobile platform for the global age. It is a family of processors that excel at making smartphones more responsive, more captivating, and more brilliant. MediaTek Helio brings together industry-leading processor performance, creative power-efficiency solutions, and cutting-edge multimedia features to help empower users with smarter technology that will better connect them to the world around them.

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Blazing-Fast 4G LTE Connectivity

MediaTek’s advanced modem and processor technologies combine to deliver the quick and responsive performance demanded by today’s smartphone users.

Captivating Displays

MediaTek’s MiraVision technologies provide a brilliant mobile viewing experience, with minimal battery drain. High-quality entertainment no longer comes at a compromise.

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Mobile Photography, Advanced

Super-fast focus. Up to 4Kx2K video capture and playback. Precise color reproduction. Our innovative and power-efficient camera technologies boost image quality and 

High-Speed Processor

Our True Octa-core and Deca-core chipsets provide extreme computing performance with unmatched power efficiency. This means all-day battery life for apps, gaming, and web browsing.

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Performance and Power-Efficiency

MediaTek Helio processors feature CorePilot: Our advanced power resource management technology that maximizes device performance and efficiency through interactive power management, adaptive thermal management, and advanced scheduler algorithms.


The MediaTek Helio family consists of two ranges, MediaTek Helio X and MediaTek Helio P. Both integrate leading heterogeneous computing technology with advanced multimedia innovations. MediaTek Helio X is focused on extreme performance and state-of-the-art multimedia experiences. MediaTek Helio P provides premium performance optimized for super slim smartphone designs.