Autus R10 (MT2706)

MediaTek is at the forefront of mmWave technology development. MediaTek USRR solutions work between 76-81GHz, making use of the higher frequency to gain better object resolution and more precise detection.

With an operating range of up to 20 meters, the Autus R10 is an ideal ultrasonic replacement. It offers superior performance through faster response times and reliable detection regardless of weather condition. By providing a wider field of view it requiring fewer sensors than ultrasonic solutions, while its overall system and assembly cost remains competitive. The result is a notable improvement to safety and many more potential applications as well.

The Autus R10 tightly integrated CMOS design is optimized for performance and cost; including embedded RF and baseband processing, and 1T1R via integrated antenna in package. A simple, three wire interface is all that’s required to link to an external ECU.


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ASIL-B & AEC-Q100 Grade 2