MediaTek is enabling people all across the world with captivating mobile technology. Our smartphone and tablet chipsets contain nearly 20 years of multimedia, power-efficiency, and connectivity innovations.

Multimedia is at the core of what we do. It is part of our name; part of our passion; and, a large part of our success. Our chipsets provide the best possible multimedia experiences available on the market

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Imagiq is our new ISP. It successfully elevates the image quality and ease of use of smartphone cameras so photographers can snap quality images and videos without needing to worry about changing camera settings.



MiraVision is a suite of display enhancement technologies designed to improve not only picture quality, but also battery performance.


Mobile Mira Vision Handphone

Power is king with mobile devices. At MediaTek, we understand that for experiences to be truly outstanding, mobile devices need to use as little energy as possible while delivering the premium performance that users expect.

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MediaTek’s CorePilot addresses the power and performance balance by acting like an orchestra conductor to the rest of the smartphone chip software. On our MediaTek Helio X20 series smartphone SoC, it can reduce power consumption by 30% over the MediaTek Helio X10.

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Pump Express

Pump Express is a fast charging technology that cuts battery charge times by as much as four times over conventional charging technology for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Connectivity is key to fully experience what mobile devices can offer. Whether Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth or other options, MediaTek focuses making sure our mobile solutions seamlessly deliver users the movies, music, and internet they demand.


MediaTek is a world leader for 802.11x Wi-Fi technology. All our Wi-Fi products are Certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance and deliver unbeatable performance.

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Whether sizzling 4G LTE or robust 3G, MediaTek has always provided connectivity solutions that are solid, stable, and allow mobile devices to take full advantage of the networks they connect to.

MediaTek Smartphone Processors

MediaTek Helio series is a family of processors that excel at making smartphones more responsive, more captivating, and more brilliant.

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MediaTek Tablet Processors

Our tablet chipsets offer a captivating, quick, and efficient user experience. Heavily integrated with leading technologies, they are the core of high-performance, highly power-efficient media tablets with a PC-like browser, close-to-console 3D gaming, and cinema-class home entertainment features.

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