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MediaTek Dimensity - Fast & Smart 5G Chipset Family

The MediaTek Dimensity 5G chipset family brings smart and fast together to power the world’s most capable 5G devices. Dimensity represents a step toward a new era of mobility - the 5th dimension - to spur industry innovation and let consumers unlock the possibilities of 5G connectivity.

Our Dimensity series offers an unrivaled combination of connectivity, multimedia, AI and imaging innovations for premium and flagship smartphones. It's a culmination of MediaTek’s investment in 5G and positions us as a lead company driving 5G development and innovation. Our 5G technology goes head-to-head with anyone in the industry.

With MediaTek Dimensity, expect incredible.

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This Chip Powers Mobile

Discover the difference MediaTek Helio can make

Consumers are looking for the New Premium, devices that push against the edges of what a smartphone can be and do.

MediaTek brings the New Premium to life with high-end features at a mid range price so everyone can have a premium device. Say hello to MediaTek Helio.

This chip changes everything when it comes to mobile.

MediaTek Helio G

The MediaTek Helio G family powers the core of an incredible gaming experience. Through wide-ranging platform enhancements, we make every millisecond matter, ensuring there's no barrier to you dominating the field. 

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MediaTek Helio P

The MediaTek Helio P family is both nimble and efficient, yet powerful; providing smartphone manufacturers with exciting platform options that encompass great features, incredible cameras, impressive AI and fast 4G connectivity for performance-mainstream differentiation and segment leadership. 

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MediaTek Helio A

MediaTek Helio A family will surprise you. Feature-rich chipsets with great performance and impressive cameras are a great basis to create capable, accessible smartphones. 

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MediaTek Helio X

MediaTek Helio X family delivers a platform of extreme performance with cutting-edge functionality and connectivity, to provide uncompromising smartphone products.

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4G Mainstream & Entry

Built with a clever portfolio to meet performance, power efficiency, feature and connectivity needs at all price points, delivering the best user experience with their market segment.

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The MediaTek smartphone advantage

We focus on improving key areas that benefit user experiences; from reliable, world-wide connectivity, to faster charging and increasing battery life, to shooting better photos and video, to providing brilliant audio-visual experiences on-the-go.

Advanced mobile photography

Super-fast focus. Up to 4Kx2K video capture and playback. Precise color reproduction. Our innovative and power-efficient ISP, Imagiq, boost image quality and ease-of-use.

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Captivating Displays

MediaTek's MiraVision technologies provide a brilliant mobile viewing experience, with minimal battery drain. High-quality entertainment no longer comes at a compromise. 

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Quick Connectivity

MediaTek's advanced modem and processor technologies combine to deliver the quick and responsive performance demanded by today's smartphone users

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Incredible AI

MediaTek processors built in multi-core, multi-threaded APU's - AI Processing Unit - that provides new capabilities for AI-Camera, OS enhancements, voice assistants and much more.

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Performance and power-efficiency

MediaTek processors feature CorePilot, our advanced power resource management technology that maximizes device performance and efficiency.

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Faster Charging

Pump Express keeps people on the go. It intelligently powers up smartphones safely and quickly so users don't spend time tethered to the wall.

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