MediaTek C4X Development Kit for Amazon AVS

Including MediaTek Far-Field Algorithms for Alexa built-in products with display

The MediaTek C4X Development Kit for Amazon AVS is a highly cost-effective avenue for device makers to start Amazon AVS integration into new products. Brands benefit from reduced engineering effort and faster time to market, allowing them to focus on product differentiation. The development kit is based on the MediaTek C4X family of SoCs.

This audio-AP platform is highly efficient, peripheral-rich, and designed for Amazon Alexa built-in devices.  These devices include smart speakers, voice dongles or modules for TV-related appliances or other in-home smart products whose primary interface is natural-voice recognition, with or without display. Devices can be designed for battery (Li-Ion) or mains powered use.

The C4X Development Kit is a robust and highly customizable platform.  It includes MediaTek Far-Field Algorithms and Amazon AVS or 3rd party wake word engines (WWEs), and supports Alexa Multi-Room Music (MRM) and the latest Alexa Smart Screen SDK for Alexa built-in devices with displays.

MediaTek C4P SoC

The MediaTek C4X family includes highly integrated, highly efficient, and cost-effective SoCs specifically designed for smart home applications with voice assistants. The C4P SoC from the C4X family provides a diverse mix of general compute elements: a dual-core Arm Cortex-A7 up to 1GHz, Arm Cortex-M4F, Arm Mali-T720 graphics engine, plus specific H.264 (ISO/IEC 14496-10) multimedia decoder and dedicated crypto engine. There are various video and audio interfaces, including TTL/LVDS/MIPI/i80 display output, stereo audio line-out, multi-channel analog/digital microphone inputs, and dual stereo I2S transceivers. 128MB SPI-NAND storage is available and up to 512MB of memory is supported, with the MediaTek C4X Development Kit integrating 256MB.

Hardware Partners

Purchase the C4X Development Kit from Dexatek.



VAD Features

Voice Assistant Services

Amazon AVS

MediaTek Far Field Algorithm


Multi-Modal SDK


Multi-Room Audio



DMIC, MIPI LCM, Stereo Line Out

Additional Features

Dev Kit: 5-inch LCD via MIPI LCM, 128MB Flash, 256MB Memory


CPU Types




Arm Mali-T720



USB 2.0, Wi-Fi


Wi-Fi 4 (b/g/n)