Dual-mode Bluetooth SoC with integrated DSP for smart, wireless headphones

MediaTek MT2533 is a highly-integrated solution for connected audio headsets, earpieces and hands-free systems. Our solution combines an energy-efficient ARM Cortex-M4 processor, 4MB memory (PSRAM and flash), Bluetooth (2.1 and 4.2 Low Energy) and Audio Analog Frontend (AFE) .

Designed for audio management, MT2533 integrates a Tensilica HiFi Mini Digital Signal Processor (DSP). This DSP supports multiple codecs, dual microphone and speech enhancement features, including native dual microphone noise reduction (DMNR) and support for third-party software for voice wake-up.

Supporting A2DP, SBC, MP3 and AAC (256kbps), MT2533 is an ideal platform for wireless headphones and in-vehicle hands-free systems, both in listening and speaking scenarios. MT2533 offers MP3 local playback without the need for smartphone pairing, which makes it ideal for stand-alone sports headsets or travel earpieces. External storage can be offered by 4GB eMMC, which is supported through the SDIO interface.

Whether playing music or taking part in a conference call, MT2533 offers quality audio with minimal power consumption and can also act as the MCU for other applications, including those requiring biosensing or a display. A wide range of interfaces are provided for other components, including additional connectivity (for example, Wi-Fi using the SDIO interface).

MT2533D Product Brief | PDF


General Features

CPU Type:
Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU
CPU Core Count:
Single (1)
CPU Frequency:


ADC,  Dual Digital Microphone,  I2C,  I2S,  MSDC,  PCMIF,  PWM,  SDIO,  SPI,  UART,  USB
2.1 + EDR,  4.2 (Low Energy)
Bluetooth Profile Support:
A2DP,  HFP,  Advanced Wireless Stereo

Additional Features

Power Management Unit:
Recording Max Resolution:
640 x 480
Display Max Resolution:
320 x 320 (MIPI),  320 x 240 (Serial)
Audio DSP:
Tensilica HiFi Mini
Microphone Support:
Dual Microphone with DMNR


Package Size:
6.2 x 5.8 x 1.05 mm 172-ball
Package Type: