Narrow-Band IoT

NB-IoT is a 3GPP standardized cellular based low power wide area technology and is potentially part of the '5G' era of connectivity. It is due to empower the explosive growth of IOT devices in the next decade.

What is NB-IoT?

Low power, wide area (LPWA) technology

It is part of the 5G wave of connectivity technologies, due to empower the explosive growth of IoT devices in the next decade.

By 2020 NB-IoT-enabled device shipments are expected to reach 158 million units: over 50% of the IoT market.

Key markets include:

  • Government and business applications
  • Transportation (logistics vehicle tracking and bike sharing)
  • Personal wearables
  • Smart metering
  • Remote maintenance and control (M2M)
  • Point-of-sale payment
  • Security services

Why NB-IoT?

NB-IoT's advantage is its simplicity

The result is an ultra efficient solution, giving the option of battery powering for extended periods that can be highly cost effective and suitable for large scale rollout. 

Low memory requirement
Small processing requirement
A simple modem with single antenna design

NB-IoT's advantage is networking

By reusing (soon to be) retired 2G networking space or the inner- or guard-bands within the existing 4G LTE spectrum, NB-IoT has the advantage of already working in known networking infrastructure. Combined with the simplicity of its RF design, it will accelerate carrier certification.

NB-IoT's network coverage is best-in-class. It has the best temperament for connection quality thanks to its highest signal link budget vs competitor standards and traditional cellular: 

  • NB-IOT: 164db
  • Cat-M: 155.7 db
  • Sigfox: 155 db
  • GPRS: 144 db
Reuse of existing frequency space
Fast carrier certification
The best network coverage
Enough bandwidth for push-to-talk

Why MediaTek?

Strengths of MediaTek's NB-IoT solutions

MediaTek builds on its 20+ year history of highly integrated circuit design, power management, processing performance and connectivity expertise to imbue essential features into its IoT products:

  • Ultra-low power (deep sleep) standby modes
  • Low-latency wake up
  • Reliable and stable data connectivity

MediaTek ‘WorldMode’ Modem

MediaTek’s NB-IoT modem is tri-band ‘WorldMode’, with devices that can be shipped globally to support all carriers with NB-IoT compatible networks.

This essential feature means only a single NB-IoT device needs to be designed to address worldwide markets, reducing cost and development time.

MediaTek ‘3GPP Release 14’ Advantage

NB-IoT specification was set at 3GPP Release 13 (R13), however, it misses some essential requirements that the subsequent Release 14 (R14) addresses. MediaTek NB-IoT products lead the market with R14 specification adherence.

This specification advantage gives early NB-IoT adopters piece of mind to create devices that will be the most current for the longest period, which is crucial when designing products and system for extensive install periods.

3GPP NB-IoT Release 14 imbues essential features for mobile applications

Device location accuracy via just modem (UTDOA/OTDOA)
Mobility enhancements from seamless cell transitions
Push-to-talk voice messaging services
Higher efficiency for lower power consumption for wearables
Supports multicast for massive, industrial or city-wide deployments

The result is an ultra-efficient platform giving the option of battery powering devices for extended periods.