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MediaTek Dimensity 9300+

All Big Core Performance
Leading Mobile Gen-AI

MediaTek celebrates
27 year anniversary

“MediaTek research is a dedicated team which is committed to push the boundaries in AI and machine learning.”

– Philipp Ennen, Senior Deep Learning Researcher

2024 IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal

MediaTek Chairman
Ming-Kai Tsai

“A diversified set of businesses
to cultivate a diversified set
of capabilities.”

- Vince Hu, Corporate VP and General Manager

Next-Gen Power, Efficiency,
and Intelligence Unleashed

All big core performance.
Epic mobile experiences.

Rick Tsai
Vice Chairman & CEO

Awarded Prestigious Industry
Leadership Award

Leading the
Generative AI
Technology Revolution

The Vision to Go Beyond

Tony Hawk discusses his video game & how innovative TV technology provides limitless possibilities.

Generative AI - The next wave of innovation

As the industry leader in developing high performance and power-efficient system-on-chip products, MediaTek is already bringing the benefits of our powerful, in-house designed AI processors into our diverse product ecosystem.

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More than 2 billion devices a year benefit from our innovations

MediaTek is the world’s 5th largest global fabless semiconductor company. Our chips power more than 2 billion devices a year, so chances are you’re already using a MediaTek powered device!

At MediaTek, we build technology with humans in mind to enhance and enrich everyday life.

Powered by MediaTek

Incredible In. Incredible Out.

MediaTek Dimensity - 5G Smartphones

MediaTek Dimensity 5G smartphone platforms live on the cutting edge – from professional-grade imaging and multi-camera videography, brilliant non-stop gaming to advanced AI. It works together to make your experience smarter, more powerful, and more efficient.

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Everywhere computing companion

MediaTek Kompanio - Chromebooks

MediaTek Kompanio is the reliable, innovative, do anything, go everywhere companion for incredible Chromebook experiences – an ideal partner, whether for education, everyday productivity, streaming entertainment, video conferencing or exploring one’s creativity.

When it comes to computing, MediaTek has you covered. Whether for work, education, chatting, streaming or playing, MediaTek chips are designed for today's demands.

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Genius at the edge

MediaTek Genio - IoT with Edge-AI

MediaTek Genio spurs IoT innovation, bringing powerful AI and easy to adopt software platforms to the edge. Accelerating time to market to drive new opportunities, MediaTek supports start-ups to global enterprises developing new IoT devices with Edge-AI capabilities.

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Visionaries on Vision

MediaTek Pentonic - 8K/4K Smart TVs

MediaTek Pentonic provides flagship and premium 8K/4K smart TVs with five essential technology pillars: display, audio, AI, broadcasting, and connectivity. We're the #1 smart TV platform provider with 60% global TV market share, powering the biggest global smart TV brands.

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Always connected experiences

MediaTek Filogic - Wi-Fi

MediaTek Filogic is ushering in a new era of smarter, more capable Wi-Fi 7, 6E and 6 solutions, giving users the most extreme speeds, enhanced coverage, in-build security, superb power efficiency, and essential EasyMesh certification, for seamless always-connected experiences.

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MediaTek Exec Talk

Discover our leadership vision and gain insights into a variety of topics shaping the tech industry.

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MediaTek Tek Talk

Explore new perspectives and learn more about MediaTek’s vision for the future with Tek Talk.

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Powered by MediaTek

Chances are you already have a MediaTek powered device in your life. MediaTek chips power more than 2 billion devices every year.

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MediaTek Podcast Central

Listen to all podcasts related to MediaTek in one place. Our in-house experts discuss tech trends and incredible MediaTek powered devices.

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