Artificial Intelligence

Leading the Edge-AI Technology Revolution

As the industry leader in developing powerful, highly integrated and efficient system-on-chip products, MediaTek is enabling the future of AI by creating an ecosystem of Edge-AI hardware processing paired with comprehensive software tools across its product range - smartphones to smart homes, wearables, IoT and connected cars.

It’s an AI world, after all


As Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to advance at a rapid pace, it’s reshaping the technology we use in our homes, workplaces and cities, bringing us new experiences and changing the way we interact. Today, AI enables technologies like deep-learning facial detection (DL-FD), real-time beautification with novel overlays, object and scene identification, AR/MR acceleration, real-time enhancements and augmentations to photography or video and much more.

Tomorrow, and Beyond

The future of AI-enhanced devices is huge. Imagine using devices tailored perfectly to your needs and habits: a smartphone that keeps track of your health and orders you medicine before you get sick; a smart home that turns on the lights and heat just before you arrive; an autonomous car that drives you where you need to go, the moment you hop in. An innate intelligence that’s so fluid it brings a new level of user experience, and changes your world. That’s where Edge AI comes in.

Edge AI

At the Edge of technology

What is Edge AI?

The rapid evolution of AI-enhanced use cases is changing how devices are being created and used. This shift in demand, as well as the increasing capability of AI technologies, is motivating products to process AI-enhancements ‘at the edge’; in products at home, in vehicle or about person, rather than rely solely on Cloud-connected support.

Advantages of this edge-computing include real-time immediacy, data privacy and overall lower power consumption. For device makers, there’s also no need to roll out supporting Cloud infrastructure into every region a product is sold into, decreasing time to market.

MediaTek NeuroPilot

We’re meeting the Edge AI challenge head-on with MediaTek NeuroPilot. Through heterogeneous computing capabilities such as CPUs, GPUs and APUs (AI processing units) we embed into our system-on-chip products, we are providing high performance and power efficiency for AI features and applications. Developers can target these specific processing units within the system-on-chip or, they can let MediaTek NeuroPoint SDK intelligently handle the processing allocation for them.

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MediaTek's NeuroPilot Advantage

Mobile APU

MediaTek’s ‘APU’ is its AI Processing Unit, which can consist of single-to-many cores. Specifically, our ‘Mobile APU’ is the first generation, specifically designed for smartphones and mobile devices, providing highly energy-efficient AI operation processing. 

Write Once, Apply  Everywhere

MediaTek NeuroPilot SDK supports all MediaTek AI-capable hardware. It allows developers to ‘write once, apply everywhere’ for existing and future MediaTek hardware platforms and across all product lines, including smartphones, automotive, smart home, IoT and more. This streamlines the creation process, saving cost and time to market. The software ecosystem covers both Android and Linux OS’ and offers a complete compiler, profiler and application libraries.

Build-Friendly Frameworks

Applications can be built using common frameworks such as TensorFlow, TF Lite, Caffe, Caffe2 Amazon MXNet, Sony NNabla, or other custom 3rd party frameworks. At the API level for Android OS, Google Android Neural Networks API (Android NNAPI) and MediaTek NeuroPilot SDK are supported. The NeuroPilot SDK extends the Android NNAPI allowing developers and device makers to bring their code closer-to-metal for better performance and power-efficiency.