MediaTek collaborates with Google to develop new Filogic chipset with Thread support

Jan 4, 2024
Filogic Google collab

MediaTek powers billions of leading intelligent home products like smart TVs, the newest and most advanced voice assistant devices, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, tablets, and can even be found in audio and security products, smart appliances, exercise equipment and more.

Today, that ecosystem of devices is becoming stronger. MediaTek recently teamed up with Google to collaborate on the design of a new 2x2 multi-radio solution that includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Thread, to enable and power new use cases for the next generation of the smart home.

The typical smart home relies on a variety of different wireless technologies, including high-speed Wi-Fi, low-power Thread, and audio/data via Bluetooth. MediaTek’s Filogic family, representing reliable and always-on connected solutions, will feature a new chipset that combines all these protocols to enable a seamless user experience in the smart home.

In addition, the latest Filogic chipsets will also support Matter, an IP-based global standard that is designed to simplify the smart home ecosystem by allowing internet-connected devices from different manufacturers to communicate more easily and securely. Matter aims to make devices across major smart home systems work better together, with Thread improving the connections between them.

These aforementioned protocols share the same 2.4 GHz ISM band, and MediaTek’s upcoming Filogic multi-radio solution will adopt MediaTek’s leading coexistence and offload features to enable the seamless control of the smart home even in the lowest power-state of devices. With this collaboration, faster and easier connections are the future.

From light bulbs and plugs to thermostats, cameras, locks, media streaming devices, smart speakers, and TVs, Google Home unites devices and services to build a personalized smart home experience for users. MediaTek’s new multi-radio solution with built-in Matter support will make it even easier for more devices and services to work with each other across platforms and ecosystems, including Google Home, to make the smart home even more intelligent.

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