MediaTek Research: Wireless channel modelling with diffusion models at GLOBECOM

Aug 28, 2023
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MediaTek Research has developed an innovative approach to wireless channel modelling and sampling using generative diffusion models. The proposed model utilizes the principle of denoising diffusion models through a sequence of invertible transformations to synthesize channel realizations from limited data. Compared to existing GAN-based approaches, the diffusion model offers stable training and generates diverse and high-fidelity samples from the true channel distribution. The research also demonstrates the feasibility of transfer learning, showcasing the potential of the diffusion-based approach to model real-world channels using limited data.

AI has become increasingly important in the development of 6G communication systems. AI offers the potential to enhance the efficiency and performance of wireless networks by processing vast amounts of data and making real-time decisions. AI algorithms can optimize network resources, reduce latency, and improve overall network performance. MediaTek's AI research and innovation in 6G communication systems lead the way in advancing the field, ensuring that future wireless networks are more efficient, reliable, and capable of meeting the demands of emerging technologies and applications. By leveraging the power of AI, MediaTek pioneers breakthroughs in 6G communication systems, driving progress and enabling wireless networks to operate with greater efficiency, reliability, and adaptability. These advancements are crucial in meeting the evolving needs of emerging technologies and applications, positioning MediaTek at the forefront of the industry.

To learn more, the paper is available here

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