CorePilot makes smartphones perform better. And longer. It’s a set of advanced task scheduling technologies we use for all of our smartphone processors. CorePilot increases power efficiency, makes phones less prone to overheat, and increase the speed for everything from simple browsing to the most intense mobile gaming. Meet CorePilot 4.0. It’s our newest version and governs our latest Tri-cluster, Deca-core MediaTek Helio chipsets. 

Corepilot Technology Involvement

First introduced in 2013 with the world’s first “True Octa-core” processor and now in its fourth generation, CorePilot governs task management across a complete line of mobile processors. 

CorePilotTM 1.0

  • Octa-core with SMP
Mwc Charts1
  • big.LITTLE HMP
  • Global Task Scheduling
Mwc Charts2

CorePilotTM 2.0

  • CPU+GPU Computing
  • Dynamic Gear Migration for low power
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CorePilotTM 3.0

  • Tri-Gear CPU Architecture
  • 12%~38% CPU energy saving
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CorePilotTM 4.0

  • Thermal Management
  • UX Monitoring
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Centralized, Intelligent Task Scheduling

Core Pilot Energy Aware Scheduling Image

Our latest version of CorePilot was built for a new age of smartphone use.

How people use their smartphones has evolved. Modem users perform a host of computing tasks on mobile devices that require a wide range of computing power. Modern computing frameworks must be nimble – capable of handling this range of tasks with an appropriate mix of computing strength and battery life. And, we’ve evolved CorePilot in step with the users.


CorePilot 4.0 was built for the latest iteration of our Tri-cluster processing architecture. This ground-breaking architecture continues our use of three separate clusters of 10 CPU cores. This Tri-cluster grouping has been shown to yield performance gains and be more efficient than traditional big.LITTLE processing architecture. 


Tri-Cluster’s Min. gear takes care of simple tasks and background work                                                      


Tri-Cluster’s Mid. gear handles mid-level operations      


Tri-Cluster's Max. gear performs only the most CPU-intensive tasks                                                                                                                                                                

Core Pilot Tri Cluster Gears

CorePilot 4.0 expertly manages one cluster of two ARM Cortex-A73 cores for intensive processing task; one cluster of four ARM Cortex-A53 cores for mid-range tasks; and, one cluster of four ARM Cortex-A35 cores for light load tasks.

CorePilot 4.0

CorePilot 4.0 introduces a centralized, intelligent task scheduling solution that can highly optimize the use of CPU resources by dispatching tasks to suitable clusters/cores with the appropriate frequency to minimize power use while still ensuring the expected user experience is met.

It works closely with Thermal Management and User Experience (UX) Monitoring to further reduce battery power consumption by ensuring a sustainable performance to provide an expected experience at all times.

Based upon input from these control mechanisms, the right core(s), cluster(s) and frequencies/voltages are selected for the current application load. This provides a consistent and sustained user experience, but with maximum battery life.